Instructions for Letting Go

Instructions for Letting Go When you are Ready


Lie in a comfortable position with no limbs crossed. Listen to soft music if you can.  If you have soft music, use the same music every time (classical conditioning).

Breathe deeply throughout this entire exercise.

Scan your body for tension.  If its there, notice it, tell yourself to “let it go.”

As you breathe in deeply say “re” and as you breathe out say “lax” so the word becomes “Relax” (you can choose any calming word you like).

Imagine that every time you breathe in, you are breathing in calmness, and every time your breathe out, you are breathing out tension

If thoughts come to you, imagine that your mind is whiteboard, take the brush and brush away the extra thoughts, gently go back to saying “re-lax.”

Imagine putting your upsetting incident in a box, closing the lid, and throwing it off a bridge, say good bye to it, tell it you are done, good bye to it

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