Instructions for Meditation

Lie in a comfortable position with no limbs crossed. Listen to soft music; use the same music every time (classical conditioning).

Breathe deeply throughout this entire exercise.

Scan your body for tension.  If its there, notice it, tell yourself to “let it go.”

As you breathe in, in your mind say “re.”

As you breathe out, say “lax” so the word becomes “Relax” (you can choose any calming word you like).

Imagine that every time you breathe out, you are breathing out tension, every time you are breathing in, you are breathing in calmness.

If thoughts come to you, tell yourself “stop, there’s nothing I can do about it right now.”  Gently go back to saying “re-lax.”

Do this exercise every day for at least 10 minutes.

When you get upset in a situation, breathe deep, and say “relax.”

The more you practice this exercise, the easier it will to become relaxed to the word “relax.”

Imagery Exercise:

After step 3, imagine a place where you would feel the most relaxed.  For some people it is by a lake or river or on top of a mountain.  Imagine the scene as clearly as you can.  Imagine that you are lying in that place.  Do all the other steps as described above.


Progressive Muscle Relaxation

2a) Tense each muscle group tightly, then let go:


Thighs (press legs together)


Arch back then straighten

Raise shoulders to head, then droop

Scrunch face, scrunch forehead, let go

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